In the lawless land of Los Angeles, Mexico, a group of vigilantes known as The Coalition keep cartel violence at bay through means of guerilla street combat. When Luz, one of the members, goes missing, her sister Esme stops at nothing to find her before the last border closes. 

Rosa and her two children have spent six years under the regime of her husband Manuel; who has used fear and violence to lock them down.  For six years Rosa has had to sneak any freedom she’s able to in efforts to keep her and her children’s spirit up.  When Manuel catches them he teaches a Rosa a lesson she won’t forget; which gives Rosa the last push she needs.  After lining all her ducks up in a row, with the help of a few good people, Rosa risks everything for one last chance at a real life for her children. 

August Cole Washington  realized at the young age of seventeen that being a black man in America in the 60's meant you were probably going to see the inside of the jail cell sometime, so he started charging for it.  Twenty-two years later, living on the inside has become a second nature, so when he is asked to serve time down in Florida he jumps at the high paying opportunity.  But when he gets there he finds himself facing extradition. Now, a man who made a living pretending to be other people has to fight to prove to the world who he really is. 

A small errand to take her younger siblings to the borer town of Tijuana, MX turns into a three day journey of life and death when Rosalina's one year old daughter is stolen and taken across to the U.S.  

Jess is a blossoming young assistant from the Midwest who moves to the fast, exciting city of Los Angeles. She starts off where everybody else does: the mailroom. That is until she meets Babs, the top female literary agent in town. Babs takes Jess under her wing as she navigates the sex, drugs and violence of the agency underworld in 1980's Hollywood.

Ricky is an over-achieving varsity athlete from the wrong side of the metro. By day he's a private school scholar, but by night he's the prince of one of the biggest gangs in Los Angeles. Unbeknownst to his gangster family and his private school girlfriend he's been running this double life for years. As graduation approaches Ricky finds he's going to have to pick a life soon, or it's going to pick him. 


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